How To Understand Male Behaviour – Advice From A Man

man eating a donut

Ladies PLEASE! He wants to be alone with his donut!

What’s up players and playettes. In today’s post I’m gonna be dropping some knowledge bombs for all my female readers out there who are struggling to keep good quality men in their lives. You know who you are ladies.

Listen up, most of the advice that you read out there on so called “dating and relationship advice” websites like¬†straight up is ridiculous! So watered down!

I mean look at that lady’s site… Look at HER. Do you think she actually has ANY idea what a man wants? Any clue….? ROFLMAO – no.

Yes, that some of the stuff you can find online (like this post for instance) can help you, but any of those courses that is for sale online is just gonna tell you things that you want to hear.

Sure, sometimes they may give you some tough love, but if you want some really tough love, listen to this…

No matter how much a man loves you, he will time and again feel the need to put some distance between you.

This is an instinctive need, referred to by psychologists as “retreating to his cave”, and it may come in different forms. His behaviour may change. He may not converse with you as intimately as he used to do. He may spend more time in front of the television set, not inclined to go out for your regular movie or dinner date.

I don’t care what a “great guy” he is, or how great your “connection” is, if he is a man who still has has his equipment attached (in other words he’s not neutered), he will do this.

Your natural reaction to his behaviour may be to get hurt, to feel slighted. You may feel strongly inclined to “fix” things, to demand that he bring back the intimacy that you enjoyed prior to his emotional withdrawal from you. Some experts may promise you “magic words” to make everything perfect so he’ll never want to have that distance again -but listen that’s NOT how men work!

But here’s the good news that you have to understand, your partner’s longing for some time by his lonesome does not mean that he no longer loves you.

It simply means that he wants some time to himself. This is not the time to agonize over what is happening or to fret over him. If you do this, he may even withdraw more. Simply give it time.

If you allow your man the privacy he needs, he is likely to return, his love sometimes even more powerful than before, recharged and strengthened by time spent unfettered by the demands and obligations that relationships often have.

Hope this helps my dears!!

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